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Marketing Wizards
Foundational Practices, Comparative Insights, and Wisdom for Executives in Marketing

The Beginner’s Guide to Masterful Copywriting

Benjamin Watkins, founder of This Is Copy Shares 9 Steps to Becoming a Masterful Copywriter

All about Building your Personal Brand

Veronica Llorca-Smith, Author and Creator Offers Tips on How Build your Personal Brand

ChatGPT vs. The Chief Marketing Officer

David Leibowitz, General Manager of Biz Dev & Strategic Partnerships @ Microsoft Offers Some Insights on the Impact of Generative AI tools and their Marketing Power

Future of Sales and Marketing: Navigating the Digital Shift

Lewis Bertolucci, VP @ TrueVoice Growth Marketing Shares his Thoughts on how the Metaverse may Transform the Future of Sales and Marketing

Deciphering User Engagement in SaaS Startups: A Perspective by David Sacks

Engagement as a Metric: More Than Just Numbers

Recycling Content? Transform your Medium Content into Suitable Blogging Material

Deon Christie, Founder and CEO @ DCMarketing and SEO Expert Shares Some Tips on Recycling Content

12 Practical Strategies to More Memorable Marketing

Anthony Robert, Best-selling Author and Copywriter Shares tips on Top Strategies for More Effective Marketing

Effective Use of Hashtags in Social Media Marketing

The Power of Hashtags in Your Marketing Strategy

Navigating Success: Essential Content Marketing Tips for Entrepreneurs

Key tips and for Entrepreneurs on their Journey to Leverage Content Marketing for Maximum Impact.

Constructing Triumph: Strategies for Building a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

How to Tap into the Power of Digital Marketing

Building an Effective and Impactful Email Marketing Campaign

Constructing an Effective and Impactful Email Marketing Campaign

Leveraging Social Media for Sales Success: Strategies for Startups

Harnessing the Potential of Social Media to Boost Sales and Achieve Long-term Success.

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